The Bai Yue (百岳) or often called “100 Mountains” denotes 100 of Taiwan’s most desired mountain routes over 3000m in elevation and summiting all 100 has been a goal for hikers since the 70’s when it was introduced. Contrary to popular belief, it is not all of the mountains over 3000m as Taiwan has nearly 300 such mountains, but the 100 were chosen based on a variety of points such as accessibility, views, and difficulty. The Jade mountain range and the Snow mountain range contain 31 of the Bai Yue mountains, the north section of the central mountains contains 37, and the south section of the central mountains contains 32. 


Taiwan’s mountain trails are divided into six grades; A, B, C, C+, D, and E.

台灣的山路分為六個等級; A, B, C, C+, D, E

The grading rules are as follows:

General season:

Grade A: General hiking trails with activity periods of 1-3 days

Grade B: Medium-level vertical hiking trails with activity periods of 4-5 days or 1-3 days but with dangerous landforms

Grade C: High-level vertical hiking trails with an activity period of more than 5 days

Grade C+: High-level vertical hiking trails with rappelling and rock climbing landforms

一般季節分成 4 級 

A 級:一般健行路線,活動天數約需 1-3 天。 
B 級:中級縱走路線,活動天數約需 4-5 天或活動天數約需 1-3 天但有危險地形。 

C 級:高級縱走路線,活動天數約需 5 天以上。 


Snow season:

Grade D: Snowfield hiking and vertical hiking trails which are open conditionally during regulated snow season

Grade E: Trails temporarily suspended (not accessible)

雪季期間分成 2 級 

D 級:雪地健行及縱走,雪季管制期間有條件開放之路線。 
E 級:雪季管制期間暫停開放之路線。 





Click on the map to access the interactive Bai Yue map. This map contains the names and locations of all the Bai Yue in Taiwan and the sections of the central mountain range. The map is also color-coded by difficulty rating as follows:

點擊地圖訪問交互式白月地圖。 這張地圖包含了台灣所有百越的名稱和位置以及中央山脈的部分。 該地圖還按難度等級進行了顏色編碼,如下所示:

A Rating = Green
B Rating = Yellow
C Rating = Orange
C+ Rating = Red



Click on the chart to access the Bai Yue table that shows the names, elevation, grade, and location of the Bai Yue.